The body has an amazing capacity to rebuild itself, and often it merely needs a little support and guidance. Join me on this journey--the insights and effects are magical!

This introductory course is where we begin with understanding basic physics principles within the body and apply these to how the core should organize and move.

There are currently three levels to learning and mastering the Bridging Technique:

  1. The Bridging Introduction course (This course)
  2. The Bridging Basics course
  3. A series of Mastery courses leading to certification

Schedule: Key Dates

Next Workshop- June 12, 2024

Wednesday June 12th from 6-8pm CT

Live Workshop (2 hours)

  • Introduction and overview
  • Three-step process behind Bridging
  • History of Bridging / Founder's story
  • Science behind Bridging
  • Problem-solving (demo)


  • Learn BUG and modified BUG movements (hands-on)
  • Practice (hands-on)
  • Discussion and interpretation (discussion)
  • Review and questions

Bonus content (online)

  • Introduction and overview, theory base, cautions (video)
  • Demonstration of concepts: arms, legs (video)

Hi, I’m Cara Lindell, the founder of the Bridging Technique.

The Bridging Technique is the product of my background in power systems engineering, exercise science, and a child with significant medical and learning challenges.

We use physics of the body to support and re-organize the body to work the way it is designed to!

This course is your first step into a new understanding how movement within the body is supposed to function, and a magical way to change it!

Hi, I’m Becki Logan, a certified Bridging Specialist.

I'm amazed by the changes with both children and adults using the Bridging Technique, and I'm so excited to be sharing it with you.

My job description per a friend's three year old, is that "I help people feel better."

I want you to consistently help people feel better too!

This course is closed for enrollment.