Lesson 1 Centering the Body (BUG)

In this first Lesson you will learn how to center your child’s core.  

Being centered is more than a catch phrase. Being centered in how our body can move helps with coordination and creates balanced, calming sensory information. 

In addition to being calming, this first movement will become what you use as a wrap-up for the other movements.  

In this Lesson you will learn:

  • the first movement, a rolling movement, we call BUG. I’ll be showing you what it looks like, and then I’ll break it down step by step. 
  • I’ll also share a little of the neurological background to help you understand why something so simple can be so effective.  
  • We will go over what to expect from your child, as well as how often to do the movement.  
  • And then I’ll fill you in on how you can continue with the rest of the program, including a special offer that we will be emailing.  

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